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Monday, March 12, 2012

Houston Rodeo - 2012

Good morning bloggers!  Get up---Get going~~ you are beginning your week an hour behind! Chop-chop!
Schools are out in Houston this week for Spring Break 2012.  For the families who are not traveling to vacation destinations they will be visiting the Houston Rodeo!  We have had a successful 3 weeks so far and I am sure it will close with a big bang again this year.  The rodeo is one of the biggest if not THE biggest event in Houston.  I have so many things I love about it that it is hard to choose which is my favorite.  I love love love the crafts.  All those cow girl accessories.....Then of course all the food--- well the unusual foods:
Deep Fried EVERYTHING!  (the southern way)
Fried meatballs with BBQ sauce
Pizza on a stick
Chocolate dipped strawberries on a stick
Fried snicker bar
Fried Twinkies
And the most unusual for me is:
Fried zucchini stuffed with a hot dog
Anything fried and anything on a stick....the bigger the better...remember we are in TEXAS!
and the winner of being on a stick and fried is for dessert...Fried cheesecake dipped in chocolate on a stick with nuts!

Hurry and visit the rodeo!

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