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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Hump Day!

Okay it's the middle of the week and I am still on Monday with my work!  Is this week flying by or what?
I have been so busy that I am not very prepared for a daily blog...Here goes....

How many Barbie's did you have?  My daughter has a large Rubbermaid trunk full of them!

Did you know that Barbie and Ken were named after their creator's children?
They are still quite popular, but what happened to Scooter with the bendable legs?  I loved her!   I found this fantastic website that have vintage photos of Barbie and Ken available or purchase.  Watch the slide show and tell me which is your favorite!  I think mine is the two Barbie's sunbathing holding the foil cardboard up under their faces for that "Oh so special tan!".