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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Already?

Can we start this week over?  I need three more days before the weekend...
Spring time brings so much color to us through outdoor vegetation.  On Tuesday I spoke of treating ourselves to a facial.  That is exactly what spring time does to the outdoors!  Everything sprouts from being dormant all winter.  We didn't really have a winter in Houston, so some of our leaves didn't fall,  some of our annuals bloomed and stayed around all winter.  However, with the rain returning in the weather we are seeing fresh clean green for the first time since Summer of 2010.  Most of Texas did not receive rain for one solid year!  I am happy the rain has returned and we have green for Easter!
Another great product of spring is the fresh produce.

Nothing like a plate of fresh vegetables cooked in the pressure cooker with old fashion cast iron skillet cornbread!

Have you thought about bringing the produce into your arrangement? 

My oh my, how I love the Fresh Markets!  There will be some could eating and great fresh arrangements in my home!

 Have you had your veggies today?