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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Tasty Treats

I made another Strawberry cake yesterday.  This makes the third cake I have made trying to find "the Best" to make for my daughter's birthday.  I will not give her age, but let's just say she is a young lady that is on her own!  Strawberry is one of her favorite cakes and with the strawberries in season in so many areas, why not test these recipes in my kitchen!  Yesterday's recipe was by far the longest preparation and used many ingredients because it is a Fresh Strawberry Cake with Cream Cheese Swiss Merinque Frosting.  WOW that's a mouth full...I know it sound delicious, it looks delicious and yes it taste delicious.  I found the recipe thanks to Ovenlove.

 My Version!

I made this recipe with Fresh Strawberries and made three layers instead of the two in the recipe.  I also added a little of the icing with the puree strawberry filling between the layers.  Other than that I followed Kristina's guest post on Julie's blogspot recipe.  TIP:  Prepare your ingredients two hours before you plan to start the mixing!
I find myself leaving a note...I do not have any professional training in the kitchen or with my camera!  I used my Sony Cyber-shot for these photos.

Kristina's version...
click this photo to find the recipe.

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