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Friday, June 15, 2012

Foodie for our Furry Friends...

Woo Hoo!  How about some Friday Foodie for our Friendly Paws?

I have two dogs.  They are probably the happiest dogs in Houston.  We have such a strong routine that sometimes I think to myself....I am not right....
At exactly each night at 8pm we have Kong Time. 

Dude and Blondie Kong time....

This is Dude first night at our house when we adopted him!  11 weeks.


They lick it like a baby bottle!  This activity calms and relaxes them.  Great way to begin the night time sleep!

Here's what I have and what I do...

Ingredients for Kong
Kong, Kong filler, Plain Non-fat Yogurt
filling Kong with kong filler
Fill bottom of Kong with Filler (just enough to hold in the yogurt)
filling Kong with Yogurt
Fill the rest with Plain Non-Fat yogurt

Kong in Freezer
Place in Freezer

Freezing the Kong makes it more challenging and literally wears them out.

and Then....Beddie biscuit time!  9pm beddie biscuit and bedtime.  EVERY NIGHT.....
Beddie biscuit

So there you have it.  My husband says, "It is good to be a dog in our house".

Changing the subject, what project are you working on this weekend?

Weekend project or impatience
PVC pipe with End cap-Impatience
What do you think I am doing? I will definitely need my husband's help for this! Stay tuned till Monday.

Weekend Project for Outdoor Kitchen
Moss Purse Flower Pot

Have a great weekend.....Cheers!

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