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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday and Travel

Tuesday...the day that just stands in the way...

What are your travel plans now that School is out for summer?

Do you think US travels have changed since 2010, that used 2009 statistics?
In 2010, Forbes survey listed these cities.

Forbes lists Top 10 most-visited U.S. cities

by Charlie Leocha on May 19, 2010

Forbes released their Top 10 Most-Visited-U.S.-Cities list. Leading the list is Orlando, Florida. Taking the Number 10 position is San Diego, California. There are some surprises in between these rankings.

Here’s the Forbes List:
    Orlando, Fla.: 48 million visitors
    New York City: 47 million visitors
    Chicago, Ill.: 45,580,000 visitors
    Anaheim/Orange County, Calif.: 42,700,000 visitors
    Miami, Fla: 38,100,000 visitors
    Las Vegas, Nev.: 36,351,469 visitors
    Atlanta, Ga.: 35,400,000 visitors
    Houston, Texas: 31,060,000 visitors
    Philadelphia, Pa.: 30,320,000 visitors
    San Diego, California: 29,600,000 visitors

According to
Orlando, Florida recently became the first U.S. market to break the 50-million annual visitor mark, and the city managed it in the face of a seemingly inescapable recession and the surprisingly deep slump in the travel industry. This isn’t to say Orlando didn’t suffer from the downed economy—because it did—but in recent years the number of people flocking back for leisure activities has been nothing short of incredible. Even New York can’t keep up with Orlando’s drawing power, so the question has to be asked: how did Orlando do it?
Tourism can provide a huge boost to a city, and Orlando relies on visitors coming to see the sights more heavily than most. The amount of revenue generated in this industry directly impacts almost everything else in the city, and this is why they dedicate so much time and effort toward making Orlando “the place to go.”
Apparently Orlando is still on top!

Have you visited Walt Disney World in Orlando?  Disney World is a magical place for everyone and it is the one place...other than the want to go, over and over and over. 

Mickey and Minnie would love to see you!
Disney World