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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Restaurant Review - A.W. Shucks - Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, Virginia.  Have you been?  I ate lunch at a restaurant that had the BEST seafood I have ever had on the East Coast!  Serving fresh seafood in a casual setting.  Located in the Ghent area of Norfolk.  Sort of tucked in an area for a -sit down and stay for a while- atmosphere! Prices are reasonable, considering the seafood is fresh daily and prepared in ways that will make you come back for more.  Check out there info!  A.W, Shucks facebook page.

The Oysters on the half shell were out of this world and we scarfed them down before I got a picture....sorry.  Should I say more about how good they were?  We had a combination plate of different types, none of which disappointed us.

AWShucks-scallopsEveryone Loved, Loved the scallops!  Cooked to perfection, tender, juicy and blasting with flavor! They were by far  one of the favorites at the table....

The Mac"n"Cheese is a Restaurant "specialty" - you can't visit without having this plate of delicious food!


The Talapia!!! WOWZA!  I usually have my fish grilled, but let me tell ya....this is the flakiest fresh fish EVER!  Yes, even more than cat fish, which I love fried!   Lightly breaded and cooked to a crispy crust, but tender and flaky on the inside....


Okay, believe it or not I saved the absolute best for last.  I have enjoyed crab cakes a LOT in my life all over the South.  These crab cakes are so unique and served like you won't see anywhere else.  Enjoy them with the fresh turnips and boiled new potatoes...
I can't even explain all the ingredients that are in the crab cake!

This restaurant is a MUST in my opinion.    EVERYTHING we had was delightful.  You know I only rate restaurants that I would recommend.  If you live in Norfolk or visit there, GET EXCITED cuz you will expereince some great seafood!   
I do believe that the East Coast is lucky, lucky, lucky to have such a wonderful source of fresh seafood!  Let me know how you like it!

BIG SALUTE to all the Sailors and their families!

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  1. We have an A.W. Shucks in California too. Not sure if its related but it was also fantabulous seafood!