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Monday, July 30, 2012

Slow as Molasses

Help!  I can't get moving this morning.....Are you slow as molasses like me this Monday morning?
I did NOT detox this past weekend.  However, the weekend was fantastic and I had a fun filled, tummy filled, AND I finished my painting weekend.  Whew!

Red Wine Bottles-finished
Finished!  Next, I will glue this canvas to a backboard and begin with the border....Wine Corks...Do they look like wine bottles?  Sometimes when I look at them, I wonder if I made them look more like Tabasco bottles???

Today's food for thought....yes thought, cuz I don't know if I can eat anything today.  I had enough food to last a few days over the weekend!

This is what I call a TRUE Coffee and donut meal! 

Thank you A Muse Bouche for posting this last year...

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