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Friday, August 10, 2012

Blog Hop Friday-sound fun?

Did you know?

I recently stumbled upon a blog that is all about exchanging recipes.  This is done every Friday and is talked about on all the social media sites.  It is called Blog Hop Recipe Swap.   After checking it out, I believe I am going to try it.  This fun swap is hosted by:
Ashlee @ Abpetite, Chelsea @ Chelsea's Culinary Indulgence, Keyona @ Skinny and Delicious and Ellen @ Ellen B Cookery.

Ellenbcookery Blog Hop Recipe Swap

It is looks like it would be very easy to be a part of....

Only 2  requests:
1. Post the Blog Hop Recipe Swap button somewhere on your blog post or sidebar.
2. Please follow our blogs via our Google Friends Connect or Google Plus Page, and leave a comment. We will follow you back!
Visit any of the hosts blog spots and learn more about this Friday Fun Day Event! 
Weekend Project?  You know what I am doing.  Framing my painting....Stay tuned to see it completed.