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Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Fun Day?

Is Friday really a Fun Day?  I know it's a day that gives us a feeling of relief with reason to celebrate. 
The fun starts for most of us when you clock out of your work week! 

Margaritas at LafisheriaThirsty Thursday?

Forget about it! 

Friday's are for Margarita's!!

Margarita de Jamaica (the red one) - Don Julio Blanco, Triple Sec  and Jamaica Juice

Mexican Margarita (middle martini glass) - Mezcal and Grand Marnier

Frozen Margarita (white on right) - Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Fresh Mint Leaves

You can find these delicious Margarita's at La Fisheria located in Houston, Texas.

Weekend Project?  Whatch ya'll doin?  I am going to create a border around my painted canvas, Wine Bottles, and prepare it for Framing!  I will be sure to post a picture on Monday so check back next week!