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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween-Good stuff!

We are living in a virtual world.  Bloggers know all about Linky Parties.  This tool is one of the best resources for sharing your blog and meeting other bloggers. You can share their blog and they can share yours.  With Halloween approaching I have found a few and you will find me linked in!

Do you have a blog and want to share with other bloggers?

Looking forward to meeting you!

Want to vote on the "BEST" pumpkin?  Visit The Sweet Spot and place your vote!  psst!  I like the owl, very unique and cute as a button, not that I am persuading!

OM Gosh!  Do you crochet?  As you know from past posts, I have began crocheting again.  Want to crochet something really , really, cute or really, really, spooky? Crochet Happy has several patterns! Most are FREE....did you hear me?  I said FREE!!! Cute stuff! 

Don't have time to crochet?  Some items are available on-line.  Thanks to one of my sponsors
Crafty Kitty Crochet you can place your order!  Her work is flawless!

I can even give you a link to FREE game suggestions for your At home or At school parties!
Cooperative Learning

Less than a week...Do you Trick or do you Treat?

See you at the Blog Hop....