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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bringing home the Dinner~~~

From the Ocean to the Table!
When was the last time you actually caught your dinner?  Absolutely the best way to feed yourself!
This past summer my husband went fishing!  Did you hear me?  Yes, it's true!  He was lucky enough to be invited to go fishing for Salmon and Halibut on Langara Island, located in Canada very near Alaska.  Langara Island Lodge offers a fishing adventure that afforded him an over the top experience of fishing fun and provided us with fresh tasty salmon---several times.
At first I thought, hmmm is this a fish tale?...I didn't see picture of him holding one and he claimed they were shipping the filet's....


Holy Moly the package showed up!  And then the photo!  He did it! 

Salmon caught by Clyde
I ran to the store bought some cedar planks for the Grill and we made dinner!

Salmon-Crspy Smashed New potaotes-Roasted Peppers

Serve with some Crispy Smashed potatoes and roasted Peppers...

Best dinner EVER!