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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gifts that make Scents

My home ALWAYS smells good!  Really it does.  I am not always cooking either.  Have you heard of flame less scents? It all began with the scented candles.  Everyone had them and I still use them occasionally.
PhotobucketThen it began when Orville Thompson realized that different scents could evoke emotions and memories in people. Scentsy was launched in July 2004. Each year the Private Company has continued to grow and has even expanded overseas. Now you can get the scent without a wick! Decorative warmers that have a tray for holding scented wax, heated by a light bulb and melted. The scent fills your house. There are so many scents and all smell great.

Together with his wife and dedicated family, A Distinctive Shopping Experience evolved; the wick less candles, delectable chocolate fondue and sumptuous bags and accessories are made to be experienced.
Other products they have are awesome as well. I love the Scent Circles. I keep one in my car hanging on the parking brake pedal. hehe
I also love the Scent bag. It reminds me of the sachet bags we always kept in our under garment drawers. Do you remember that? or hang them your closet, locker at school. All are priced at extremely low prices and what a FANTASTIC Christmas Gift. EVERYONE will love it! You can't find these products in any retail store because it is sold by consultants and is marketed through home and office parties. At the parties you can breath in, taste and touch, which is what we all like to do before buying.
Order on-line or Host a Party so all your friends can touch, smell and taste!


Go ahead and finish up your Christmas Shopping with Angela!

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