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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Is your turkey in the Oven?

Time to put the turkey in the Oven. I cook mine in a roaster pot or a roasting bag.

Slice up some onion and an apple, stuff it in the cavity and place it in the oven.  It will take 3-4 hours depending on the size.

Roll out your rolls and set aside to rise.

Boil and chop up the liver and gizzards. Reserve your water that you boiled innards in.

Saute your finely chopped onions and celery with 1/2 stick of butter in same skillet you cooked your cornbread in.

In a large bowl, completely crumble your cornbread, add 2 cups of seasoned breadcrumbs,  add 1 cup of chopped pecans, add the liver and gizzards and their water you boiled them in, reserving some gizzards for your gravy, add a dash of thyme, oregano, salt and pepper.  Add your finely chopped onions and celery.  As Turkey cooks, remove turkey broth and add to your mixture.  You will need around around 3-4 cups of the broth.  I use can chicken broth if I can't get enough off my turkey.  A thick liquid is the texture you are aiming for.  Stir all ingredients together.  Place in your casserole dish, pour about 1 cup of water over top. Place in oven 1 hour before your turkey is ready.

Remove your casserole dishes from the refrigerator while turkey is cooking.  Begin cooking dishes 30 minutes before dressing and turkey is done or immediately when you remove your turkey and dressing from oven.  I always seem to have to continue cooking my dressing after my turkey is done...Your casseroles will take around 30-45 minutes. 
I make my gravy with some Turkey broth, milk, flour from the shaker and gizzards, I cook in the same skillet I baked the cornbread and sauteed my onions and celery.
Don't forget the rolls!  I bake them about 15 minutes before I am ready to serve up my meal.
Whew.....take a breath!

Prepare your Cranberry sauce (I open a can!) and you are ready to serve your fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner!

One more can warm up your pies, if you desire, while you are eating your feast.
Excuse me if I forget something!  lol every year something is missing!

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

Happy Thanksgiving!