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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Macaroon Class

I went to my first cooking class!  Have you ever been to one?  I have always wanted to, but never found one that interested me and I could  fit in my schedule.  When I saw Sur La Table was going to teach Macaroons....You bet I signed up!

Coconut Macarons photo CoconutMacarons_zpse335d200.jpg
What is a Macaron/Macaroon?
Aren't mine lovely!

We have a local bakery shop that has an array of flavors.  Petite Sweets  This is definitely one of my favorites shops that provide me with all the comfort treats I dream about!  There is a sign displayed in the store that explains it all...
 photo ba6f16fb-0509-4e40-9e3b-93a83577b519_zps8c39700f.jpg

Chef Amanda was our instructor.
Sur La Table logo photo SurLaTablelogo_zps47ed3564.jpg

We learned how to make a macaroon in 3 hours!  Did you hear me?  The secret?  She had prepared ALL the ingredients, including measuring them out.  That in itself saved us a couple of hours.  We walked in and was able to start the process. 
I have been cooking a long time, but I learned so much!  Did you know I was folding my ingredients wrong?  Who knew?  Do you know what feet are on a Macaroon?
I took some photos of our AWESOME work!  We had 12 in our class and we were divided into 3 groups of 4.  The macaroon is a TEAM effort project!
Coconut Macaron cookie photo CoconutMacaroncookie_zps3b47b039.jpghazel nut macaron cookie photo hazelnutmacaroncookie_zps6062da44.jpg

Hazelnut Macarons photo HazelnutMacarons_zpsc39c956b.jpg

Chcolate/Raspberry Macaron photo RaspberryMacaron_zpsfe7c43e7.jpgThe flavors of the class were:

Coconut with Banana filling
Hazelnut with Chocolate Gonache filling
Chocolate with Raspberry filling

  Don't you want to try it?

Cheers to Chef Amanda and teaching us all sorts of shhhh "secrets".

Creme Brulee photo CremeBrulee_zps638df684.jpg
This is what I have my eye on for next time.  Want to join me in class?


  1. Macaroons are such a delicious treat! I think my fiancee and I have decided on having a macaroon table at our wedding this summer. They are so fun and delicious with lots of versatility. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Valley Chow

  2. Great idea on the macaroon table!