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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Cupcake Countdown

Ready for another one?

~~Today's Feature~~
Bunny in the Snow

 photo d5a38b6f-d7ce-451d-86c6-a175d7c73984_zps4f2437cc.jpg

Children love to decorate cupcakes!  Yes, I still feel like a child too...

Using the same recipe for the cupcake and icing check out my last blog.
Cupcakes with surprise in the middle!

Using the star tip #19 make short strokes to resemble grass.
Using the tip #129 make little colorful flower petals.
Using the circle tip #5 make a green collar around the bunny neck.
Using tiny pearl cake decorating candies, place one in center of flower.
Using tiny pearl cake decorating candies, place a bit of icing on and stick to the bunny for eyes.

Really loving my picket fence wrap from Wilton.

Easy, fun and delicious!  That's my way, how about you?

 photo 1fee486d-05c5-4fd7-a459-5ab5460d4468_zpscf990c9a.jpg
 photo f4ff7f3d-a4d8-4d1c-bed1-0d67b4f18fe6_zps884012b7.jpg

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