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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Green Smoothie

Wow, I just bought a Vitamix.

I feel as thought I may be a little behind in my kitchen.  I made my first smoothie.  The directions say to follow their recipes until you get to know your machine, only, I wanted to use ingredients I had in my kitchen.  After all, I am experimenting, right?

Here's what I used:

Greek Yogurt

 photo 4e7f7b1f-6aa3-49d2-80aa-8ac5683d4926_zpsab29e1a3.jpg
 photo 4886cbfb-838f-4323-b86e-bb65b9cf576e_zps3f3f506e.jpg

It actually tasted good.  I do need to make some adjustments and I think I know which ingredients to use more or less of.  Don't ask me how much of anything I used because I didn't measure....I just looked at what I had and put some in the container.  I was told this was suppose to be quick and easy; smoothie in a snap!  Well, that it was.   I learned an awful lot from this one time experiment.  One being...definitely more ice, it was too creamy for me and was not cold enough.

Everything mixed up well, but I think I saw some of the cucumber skin in small specs on the sides of the container. I couldn't feel anything but smooth while drinking, no particles of any kind.  I think I would like the color a more light lime green.  this one is dark and I don't think it looks appetizing, do you?

Clean up~~~in a snap also!

How do you make a smoothie?  Do you have any tips for me?  I need them!