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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Fever!

Do you suffer from Spring Fever?  My problem is.... I get Spring fever year round!
Gosh to have the sun come out and all the flowers bursting with color!  Amazing what this does for our mentality!

 photo 26d5f1b6-30a1-4b8e-9562-d475b7495c22_zps99b943bf.jpg

What is your favorite flower blooming in the spring in your area?
Mine is Azalea!

 photo 4a95d4a5-c410-443c-9213-84a0b7918057_zps176f2615.jpg

With Spring comes Easter.  What is your favorite
Easter dessert?  I have so many!  I do make cupcakes for my husbands office each year. I will be making them this week!  This photo is from last year, but mine will be very similar so stay tuned for my recipe!

 photo faa1cb53-c446-4445-bfce-a791268bd114_zpseb6e4478.jpg
 photo 341177b5-b69c-45e0-bf66-a2b097d9d427_zps0e86b463.jpg

Are you ready to welcome the beginning of Spring tomorrow?