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Friday, August 2, 2013

Use your influence and Monetize with Sverve

Recently one of my fellow bloggers joined Sverve and invited all her followers to join also.  I checked it out and decided to join too!

Sverve connects business and female influencers for social media marketing.  Because Sverve is affordable to business, this enables female social media influencers to work with each other.  Businesses run campaigns that an influencer, like me, as a blogger, can apply for. 

Consider this to be your official invitation to join.

All you have to do is ~~~~

Then all you have to do is ~~~~
  • Simply add up to 5 areas of influence on your profile
  • get endorsed by your followers
  • Share quality information on the Sverve platform like your latest blog posts and best tips
  • Share frequently and everywhere
Your Influence Score will be generated based on real endorsements that you get and the type of the content you create. As more people like, favorite and share your tips, your score will increase. You will have a score for each area of influence as well as an overall score.  Share a lot and connect with other fellow bloggers. The higher the number of endorsements your chances are increased to be hired for a campaigns.

  $$$Monetize your influence and sign up today!$$$