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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mincemeat Pie

Hurry it's not too late! My husband's favorite Thanksgiving Pie!  I found a quick and easy way to bake this pie! 

Now, you can make one from scratch if you still have time.  I found this fantastic recipe from Garden County Cooking on Pinterest!  Recipe in the link...Made from Scratch is always better, but guess what I found?  Borden None Such Mincemeat In a Jar!  So I have made a Mincemeat Pie in less than an hour!  This pie has a pre-made Pillsbury Dough Crust and then filled with the None Such Mincemeat.  My husband will be the judge of the taste.

Follow the directions on the Jar.

 photo MincemeatPiecollage_zps662b4645.jpg

 photo MincemeatPieslicecollage_zps98afd59b.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving!